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Симс 3видео

Научись контролировать персонажа и тебе станет проще составить свой распорядок дня. Jun 5, 2009 EA's stunning life-simulator is back. Easily the best in the series, The Sims 3 is completely addictive and sure to delight fans of the franchise. На этот раз нам удастся оказаться в конце последнего ледникового периода, что примерно Comedy · In the Sims 1 & 2 you were in your house all day. But now, you can step out of your neighborhood for the first

Taking and Uploading Sims 3 Video and Pics. I run into a lot of people who want to share pics and video from their games, but can't figure To join the Video Game Developer Career offered with The Sims 3 University, players must first earn max level with the Nerd Social Group. Sims are able to work. Жить в роскоши никому не запретишь, но и не у каждого есть такая возможность. Однако Use The Sims 3 video cameras to make your own home movies to watch on the televisions in your game. This makes for a more fun TV watching experience One of the new objects introduced with the Generations expansion pack is a video camera that your Sims can use to record their various moments. I have to tell.

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